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We’re on a mission to keep your people
and business assets safe from chaos

Clients gain comfort in knowing that their people, assets and reputation are protected and supported, always.

Our years of experience safeguarding our clients against non-financial risks and emergency situations have provided our team with the expertise and commitment to mitigate chaos in their business.

Meet our Leadership Team

Brett Wheatley

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Brett has held various executive positions in the delivery of protection and people risk solutions since 1985.

He has pioneered market-leading crisis solutions for clients across multiple sectors. Brett’s skills are highly respected among global networks of providers and industry leaders within the assistance space.

Julian Heath

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Julian is an internationally experienced leader and mentor, having spent 30 years enabling organisations to succeed in complex situations.

His ability to lead culturally diverse, high-performing, multi‐disciplinary teams, delivers innovative solutions that overcome clients immediate challenges – freeing them from disruption.

Grant Strudwick

Managing Director

Grant is a professional risk executive who has amassed a portfolio of resilience consulting and senior operational risk roles across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. He has guided corporate crisis teams through a range of serious events including malicious product extortion, illegal detention, cyber-crime, corruption scandals and natural disasters and has managed numerous country evacuations including Egypt, Mali, Algeria, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Nepal, and Ebola ravaged West Africa.

Values are what drives our excellence in client service and innovation in our business. Our values demonstrate that:

We are quick to act

Time is of the essence in everything we do. We never make our clients wait, we get the job done quickly and expertly.

We are respectful

We don’t take for granted our expert knowledge and we remain respectful of people, their circumstances and the cultures we work in.

We are open

We build trust by being authentic, open and transparent.

We are caring

We empathise and care for our clients, staff and the global communities in which we operate.

We are dependable

In times of need and crisis, we are always there to be leaned upon for help and support.